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Hrisanthi Dokos 

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Start here for the help you need to overcome narcissistic abuse.


Learn about the cycle of narcissistic abuse, the red flags to watch out for and how you can claim your life after narcissistic abuse.

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If you are experiencing mentally or physically abused this page lists phone numbers and websites that can provide you the help you need. (Aust, NZ, Canada, UK)


Hrisanthi and Amanda have teamed up to help others to overcome trauma and to experience growth from their darkness.

Hrisanthi has endured significant abuse. During this time she has shown resilience, perseverance and enormous courage. Hrisanthi is now a ‘new person’ moulding herself through meditation, calming influences & personal strength.

Jill - abuse survivor

Podcast Growth From Darkness

Hrisanthi Dokos co-hosts the podcast Growth from Darkness with US author and human trafficking survivor Amanda Blackwood.

Listen to these two women who have lived experience of trauma and PTSD. Learn from these survivors who figured out the tricks to unlocking trauma responses. They want to show you how you can fight back and reclaim your life.


Getting Out - Claim your life after narcissistic abuse

Do you feel that you’re constantly walking on eggshells? Never knowing if you are a second away from being belittled, or even worse, mentally or physically abused. Many of us suffer in silence, hiding what truly goes on behind closed doors.

In this eye-opening and powerful book, join Hrisanthi Dokos on her journey of narcissistic abuse and learn how she overcame a lifetime of being attracted to the ‘wrong’ person.

The pages offer a vital contribution to your understanding of the effects of narcissistic abuse on an individual and how the human spirit can overcome such adversity following the TRUST Method.

Hrisanthi has been my biggest inspiration for feminine power, from the moment I first met her. Even though, unbeknownst to us both, she was to encounter yet another struggle in the years coming.

Hrisanthi has weathered and come through countless challenges with the most beautiful grace and strength, emerging each time anew.  Even amidst her own pain she always made time to help another woman on her their own journey. 

One of those women was me.


I first met Hrisanthi when we were teenagers.  At that time, her love for acting, singing and life was infectious.  I later caught up with her when she was leaving an abusive relationship, and her light had dimmed.

However, I witnessed her transform this pain into transcendent wisdom that enabled her to become the self-empowered woman she is today, drawing her fragmented soul into wholeness.


About Hrisanthi

Hrisanthi is an author, speaker and educator about intimate partner abuse – particularly narcissistic abuse. She uses her own journey to inspire and lead others. Her passion is empowering women and helping them on their healing journey.

As a thought leader and educator, Hrisanthi has coached, mentored, managed teams, facilitated workshops, seminars and conferences and developed her own courses in healing from intimate partner abuse – in particular narcissistic abuse.

She has lived and worked in Tasmania, Hong Kong, Beijing, Manila and is now based in a coastal village in Southern Tasmania. In her spare time she loves long beach walks, being creative and traveling.

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Hrisanthi is available for side collaborations and talks worldwide. Please make contact with her if you would like to have speak at your next event or work with her.

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